The StatusDuck Application

How to remove StatusDuck?
How can access StatusDuck preferences?

Right click on any of the icons created by StatusDuck. There you can open Preferences Window or Quit. If you don't know how to right click please check your mouse or trackpad settlings on your Sytem Preferences. If nothing else works you can terminate StatusDuck process from the Activity Monitor

How to set security permissions to use all the features

Open your System Preferences and select Security&Privacy

1 - Go to Privacy Tab
2 - Click on the lock icon and enter the administrator password
3 - Click on the checkbox next to StatusDuck

How to register StatusDuck

After you buy StatusDuck you will recieve a license string via e-mail

Copy your license string

Open your preferences window

Go to "License" tab and click on the "Register Now" button

If you have further questions you can contact us at

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